What Our Community Says

I can honestly say this is the happiest place in Afghanistan” – audience guest at 2012 NATO Summit Videoconference

The sound of French horns is replacing car horns for scores of poor Kabuli children as they are offered a chance to enjoy the healing qualities of music.” – Sada-e-Azadi Newspaper

They tell us about who they are and we learn about their background and their stories. It’s been really enlightening. It makes you grateful for the opportunities you have.” – Isobel Graham speaking about our video exchange program (year 11 student, MLC Burwood, Sydney Australia)

As we leave, the classroom-cum-concert hall’s windows are opaque with condensation from the heavy breathing of the musicians and the heat of the crowded room. Music stubbornly flows through the glass and into the still night air. This is not Paris. In fact, this can only be Kabul.” – Candace Farber, after a Winter Academy Concert (Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy)

They are so thirsty for music and art, it is fabulous to see the country finally changing!” – Mashal Arman, Winter Music Academy guest artist (Afghan-Swiss Vocalist & Flautist)

This is the future of Afghanistan.” – His Excellency Karl Eikenberry, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan

The seriousness with which music is studied and promoted here is testament to the culturalĀ underpinning which is so essential to the creation of new hope and confidence.” – Paul Smith (British Council Director in Afghanistan)

From very early on I always beat drum rhythms of my knees and the table. During the Taliban regime there was no chance to learn music. I moved to Pakistan and it was only when I returned and this Institute was established that I have been able to fulfill my dream. I practice four hours a day and am very happy we have such a music academy in our country.ā€ – 18-year old ANIM Tabla Student